VI is a short name for Versatile because of the wide clinical range suitability of bone types, places and bone augmentation.The Vi Implant body designed with narrows conically core, while outer thread diameter of the cylinder remains almost the same
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Dentalis two-pieces 3mm design to offer freedom
to Choose wide range of Restorative & flexibility
in narrow spaces.
Exceptionally high initial stability and bone
preservation With Micro threads to preserving the
marginal bone, provide enhanced initial stability
and increases contact area to crestal bone.Read More

Dentalis Bio Solutions sales representative
can help you to arrange Open House activities
for patients on the topic of dental implants.
Usually this is an evening activity and
can be combined with information about
other treatments you offer in your practice.Read More

Looking into the nano surface of Dentalis

For more than a decade, the vast majority of titanium dental implants display a modified roughened surface with topographic structures at the micrometer level. A recent improvement observed in the leading implant systems consists of the 100-fold smaller nanoroughness structures, possibly responsible for the stronger bone responses to these implants. Nanotopography has been shown to exert strong effects in vitro on cell attachment through the activation of focal adhesion complexes and the cytoskeleton, cell morphology, proliferation and gene expression
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Our Team

Dentalis BioSolutions R&D is focused on becoming a leader in the application of nanotechnology, bioinorganic materials with wider functionalities “intelligent” bone substitutes life sciences.
We strive to become the new industry standard for detection of molecular protein-Hormone-grow factor interactions.

Dentalis R&D department is a unique combination of individual parts. We have assembled multi-disciplinary teams of scientists with diverse research and technical knowledge and life experiences.

Our project teams are made of organic chemists, biologists, physicists, biochemists, and materials science engineers working side by sidetoward common goals. Read More

Before being able to help your patients understand the advantages of dental implant solutions, your staff must first be properly informed and ready to answer the patient’s questions in an organized and plausible fashion. The variety of options we offer will help your employees become expertise in the field of implant treatment processes.
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