The Dentalis Implant System™ is an efficient tool that simplifies dental procedures and guarantees a predictable and aesthetically pleasing outcome. There is a wide variety of implant systems offered in order to suit the widest range of bone densities. Our technologies are constantly being updated to offer a range of parts that allow the flexibility that is vital to achieving the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Dentalis offers a variety of implant systems in order to provide each patient with the most suitable implant for their individual case, and therefore, to achieve the best results possible. With Dentalis Bio Solution Implant Systems, you have the ability to manage every patient’s situation, and to constantly adapt to the many variables in treatment.

  • Many systems for many situations and different types of bones
  • Designed for quick healing
  • Suitable for one-stage and two-stage surgery
  • Restorative freedom and simplicity

By offering a range of components and instruments, we make clinical procedures easy and time efficient. Our system includes a minimum of interchangeable components, yet allows maximum restorative flexibility.

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