Why SHORT Implants?

Dentalis Bio Solution SHORT® Implants offer a flexible option for dentists in challenging clinical situations. The short lengths allow clinicians to avoid vital structures with confidence and can eliminate the need for grafting procedures that are complicated, costly, and slow to heal. With Dentalis Bio Solution, longer implant lengths are not necessarily better; in many clinical situations, shorter implants offer a better solution. The developed BAS™ surface of the implant allows for higher bone implant contact (BIC), which was improved by researches in Invitro and Invivo, one of the two schools of surface development researchers around the world.

The Dentist

Realistically, there are many possible patient cases that have limited bone height. Longer implants allow the maxillary sinus and inferior alveolar nerve to present risky occurrences. Although bone grafting procedures help alleviate these risks, patients may still avoid treatment because of the financial costs and time for grafting procedures. Additionally, bone grafting procedures have their own inherent risks and morbidities which often make the procedure unappealing to patients.
Dentalis Bio Solution SHORT® Implants provide simpler and more consistent treatments, which can significantly increase the appeal of implant treatment.

The Patient

With the use of Dentalis Bio Solution SHORT® Implants, patients with limited bone height can often avoid the inherent risks and costs associated with bone grafting procedures. Additionally, the lengthy healing time and cost of bone grafting procedures are eliminated.

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