Narrow Platform Healing Abutment

Indication of use Healing Abutment
The Healing Abutment is specially designed to avoid bone growth on platform and to
developing soft tissue emergence with Narrow, Regular, Wide Emergence or simple solutions
internal system prosthetic components, by that to prepare for the specially designed bridge
impression coping and remains in the jaw until soft tissue (the gums) heal.
To be used as a transmucosal extraction extension secures to the implant during healing of
intra-oral soft tissue following insertion of the implant to the bone or after second stage surgery.
For esthetic result use appropriate Healing caps type, selected height a function of the thickness
of the gums. Select the emergence profile that best suits the site being restored.
The profile should match the transfer and abutment to be used Select the cuff height so that
the top of the component protrudes slightly above the surrounding thickness tissue gums.
The options are from 2mm to 7mm.

Placement of the Healing abutment
After radiographic verification, a Healing Abutment screw is then placed, after uncovery two
stage surgical protocol or in lieu of a Cover screw in a single-stage (non submerged) protocol.
Prior to seating the Healing Abutment, thoroughly irrigate the inside of the implant to
remove blood and other debris.
An antibacterial paste may be placed on the screw portion to decrease the risk of bacterial
growth within the implant body during the healing phase.
Following seating, irrigate the surgical site and adapt the soft tissue in normal surgical fashion.
A gingivectomy or apically positioned flap technique may be used to reduce the soft tissue
thickness and to decrease sulcular depth around the implant.
All Dentalis® keys are design that the tip is con to grab the healing cap for easy carry the
Cover Screw onto the implant and thread it into place. Use the Hand Driver-tighten (10-15 Ncm )
with the 1.25mm- 050” Hex Driver. Dentalis implant is offering special tool for measuring
the high level of the tissue for better esthetic result and wide range type of Healing abutment.
Take precautions to prevent the Healing Abutment from being aspirated by the patient.
Do not re-use Healing abutment.
Material Titanium.

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