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For the preparation of laboratory models. Impression Transfer (Impression copy).
Hexagon Impression Transfer is made of stainless steel and available for Closed
tray - round edges and short screw. Open tray - sharp edges and long screw.
The function of an implant level impression is to exactly transfer to a laboratory
model the position of the implant in relation to natural teeth or other implants
as well as the soft tissue contours. An Implant Level impression can be takes at
different stages during treatment and is dependent on Physician /operator
At time of primary surgery – for one stage techniques, or to enable the delivery of
a provisional crown at second stage surgery or at the second stage surgery.
Impression Transfer closed-tray, transfer impression technique is designed to transfer
the implant’s position and the soft tissue profile as well as the hex location, position,
Indirect Transfers remain attached to the implants when the closed-tray impression is
removed out from the mouth.
The transfer has to retrieve from the implant, mated to the related Implant Analog,
and placed into its related impression hole. To fabricate a working cast containing a
replica of the implant in the patient’s mouth, the impression is poured in dental stone.
Implant-level open-tray, pick-up impression technique:
Designed to position the transfer implant’s as well soft tissue profile and hex location,
position, Direct Transfers are held firmly within the open-tray impression as it is
removed from the mouth. Therefore, the central transfer screw should remove
before the impression can be released out from the mouth. This transfer
procedure requires a custom tray or modified stock tray with screw
access holes in the areas occlusal to the implants.
The Implant Analog is connected to the transfer embedded within the impression,
then the impression is poured in dental stone to fabricate a working cast containing a
replica of the implant in the patient’s mouth.
Made of stainless steel.

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