Narrow Platform Ball Attachment

The Ball Attachment Abutment is use to support implant retained overdentures.
This type of abutment can connects a detachable prosthesis to an implant with the
Metal Cap that is on the overdenture.
It can provides solid stabilization, retention of the overdenture and tissue-support with
easy fast and reliable way.
They are recommended for relatively parallel implants. The Ball Attachment abutments
come with a Metal cap and silicon cap.
There is 3 types of Silicon caps that are available in three levels of hardness, 1-3, from
the softest to the hardest. Ball Abutment may be use as indirect transfer impression.
Ball Abutment Analogs on facing w are used for the production of a working cast.
The Ball Attachment It made of Titanium.
The Metal cap is made of stainless steel.

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