Dentalis BioSupport Composition™

To easily understand what the Dentalis Bio Solution Implant System is, it can be said that the design focuses on how to integrate esthetics into the implant design. Instead of interferin  with how the healing process works with the nature of the body, the implant system works with together and supports it. As a result, Dentalis Bio Solution's implant system can be relied on forever. There are many different aspects to inspect in a successful implant system and cannot be determined by one single feature. There are different parts of the system that work together to form one perfect product.

Key Features Of The Product…

BAS™ Bio Active Service- "More bone, more rapidly" BAS™ Bio Active Surface is not only the first implant, but it is the only one existing in the world with a chemically modified titanium surface. This provides a very distinct nano scale topography which causes a stimulation of early bone healing and also speeds up the bone healing process.

The neck of Dentalis Implants System are designed with Mini & Micro CorticThreads™— minute threads that offer optimal load distribution and lower stress values.
The design of the Mini & Micro CorticThreads™ is built on a deep understanding of bone physiology that is crucial to optimal implant design. Bone tissue is designed essentially to carry loads and as a result dental implants must be developed in such a way that they mechanically stimulate the surrounding bone in order to preserve it. The implant-bone interface is located at the marginal cortical bone, which is a spot where the highest amount of stresses occur, and thus this area must be watched carefully.

Connective Flow™ –Enhanced soft tissue contact zone and volume
The Connective Flow™ is a very specific contour flow that is formed when the abutment is connected to the implant. The contour allows for an enhanced connective soft tissue contact zone both in height and volume, which integrates with the transmucosal part of the implant, safely sealing off the marginal bone.

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