R&D Achievements

The DENTALIS BIO SOLUTIONS Research and Development Center continuously reports research achievements to the international field of dentistry, performs clinical, biomechanical, experimental, and mechanical research on dental implants, and publishes numerous papers. In particular, the R&D Center has published papers on the high success rate of DENTALIS implants based on various clinical tests, excellence of their superior surface cleanliness, high mechanical reliability, and the effects of surface treatment, which enables rapid osseointegration.

DENTALIS BIO SOLUTIONS R&D developed The BAS™ surface –Bio Active Surface for the enhanced osseointegration, stress dispersion design technology for the prevention of bone loss, and manufacturing and cleaning technologies for biocompatibility.

Furthermore, DENTALIS possesses design and manufacturing technologies for various kinds of abutments used for the manufacturing of aesthetic and convenient dental devices and for the prosthetic systems, such as impression coping, which enables precise and convenient impression-taking. It also features drills with superior cutting force, as well as technologies related to the manufacturing of instruments, such as surface treatment and heat treatment designed to minimize corrosion.

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