Research Team


As a company, we always envision an optimistic future filled with success and new discoveries achieved by the Dentalis Bio Solution Implant System and research team. It is vital that we express the importance of achieving a reliable name built on the best service and products with support from partners and customers.

At Dentalis, our well trained, motivated and eager expertise thrive to consistently build the company’s future through new technology and products.

At Dentalis Bio Solutions, we work together as a team to reach our goal of becoming a leader in the application of nanotechnology to the analytic and life sciences. We strive to become an example for other companies and be the new industry standard for detection of molecular interactions. The Dentalis Bio Solution team has worked hard to be original with a combination of individual parts.

With expert scientists that hold diverse research, technical knowledge and life experiences, we have gathered multi-disciplinary teams in which each team has its own forte.

Our project teams are made up the following groups: organic chemists, biologists, physicists, biochemists, and materials science engineers.

All of these groups work together side by side in order to achieve a common goal. As the teams work together and combine their knowledge, they make for a collaborative and dynamic atmosphere.

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