Supportive Care

The Importance of Taking Care of a New Set of Teeth

As soon as the dental implants are placed, they become the new set of natural teeth of the patient, both functionally and aesthetically. As a result, it is important to explain that the dental implants are just as important as natural teeth, and demand the same level of dental hygiene. It must be clear to the patient that the natural comfort of the implant does not allow the patient to disregard the maintenance and care required to keep implants in good condition.

Our role as your partner obligates us to educate you and your practice using different materials for your patients which tell them about the regular maintenance and care that the implants require. We provide implant care guidelines and history documentation cards so that patients can journal daily activity and regular care procedures. These tools are offered in order to help regulate patients to practice regular dental hygiene habits leading to everlasting health of their dental implants.

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