About us

Dentalis Bio-Solution is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of dental implants and assorted dental health products. Over eighteen years, the company has conducted research at leading institutes around the world, using that research to develop an innovative product line and thus becoming one of the most successful implant manufacturers worldwide. As one of the fastest-growing companies manufacturing oral-reconstructive products, Dentalis Bio Solution uses advanced materials to achieve the highest level of product quality, assuring patient safety while meeting aesthetic demands. Dentalis Bio Solution’s product line is constantly being updated in accordance with new research, and all products are manufactured according to international health and dental standards.


The products, systems, and components of Dentalis Bio Solution have been developed over the course of eighteen years of implant dentistry experience. Dentalis Bio Solutions implants offer a unique solution to many problems faced by patients and clinicians, and maintain quality and safety standards while also providing an aesthetically pleasing solution. Dentalis Bio Solution can make any product concept possible. As a company, Dentalis is convinced that research and development lead to safer, improved products, easier and faster healing, and improved patient quality of life.

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